My blog version 3.5!

Welcome to another attempt at blogging!  Whenever I decide I need to get a blog going, I feel so old. First it was the wave of the future. Then everyone was doing it and now it seems that to promote a business or communicate with friends and family you just have to have a blog. I guess with the high cost of phones and fuel just picking up the phone to say hi isn’t enough.

I spend a lot of my time helping family and friends out computer issues and come away from those sessions feeling young, vital and so tech savy. Then I try to blog or listen to my daughter and son-in-law and realize that yet again I am caught between the ages. Not really a techie and up to speed but so much more so than many of my friends and family.

Now that I have bored you- I let you in on a little secret! My current passion is Rubber stamping and card making. Yes, I have been stamping and creating for many years now but this year I took the plunge and with the coaxing of my daughter Jennifer and some of my Stamp friends joined the ranks of Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators. I will be in future post be mostly talking about card making and rubberstamping.

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