The Birth of a Craft Room

Once upon a time, I had an 8 by 10 sewing room chock full of sewing machines in cabinets, boxes of fabric, tools and a huge professional cutting table, but no where to paper craft but the dining room (which wasn’t a room by itself at all). Then I discovered Stampin’ Up!. Less than a year after I attended my first SU party, I signed up as a demo. (Was I nuts or what?!) From that moment on Sewing took a back seat. Despite the fact that I had just bought a new sewing machine 2 months before my brain and interest was stuck on Stamping. My daughter came up and helped me sort thru all my papercrafts and we created a shelf unit in the diningroom.025 this was good but as time passed my supplies grew and my sewing room turned into a storeroom. What a waste! Yet, the thought of cleaning it up and finding homes for all that stuff was too much and I delayed and delayed until ….
I was inspired by Christina’s oh so wonderful Stampin room! Now hers is twice the space but I thought and thought… Mmmm… I could leave my sewing machine on one wall and put the paper crafting on the other and have a workspace in the middle… Nice idea! NOT enough room! But by the time I discovered this I had the room cleaned out and furniture rearranged. So with some judicious rearrangement. It became this…001 005 003

Still not done… but I have a useable workspace with most everything close at hand and a plan for finishing. I have some ultra cool organizer drawers the will fit in the corner between the punches and hold my stamps and more. so off the Canada to shop for the final elements of my new craft room. Final pictures to come…

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