Had a Blast at CKC!

Oh, what a great time I had last weekend at CKC in Portland. It was great spending time with my daughter, Jennifer when she wasn’t at work and spending all sat at CKC, a wander through on Fri and the rest of the weekend Jen and I got to Play. Here’s a sample of the results:


Most of the vendor’s make-n-takes were Pay-make-n-takes. Being scotch with my money- I opted to only do the free ones and take 3 classes and buy product. This vendor had die cut images and frames made from mat board very interesting. Their make-n-take was free and so I made this cute little card. It was interesting, they choose watercolor paper as the base and we used glue dot for all the assembly. They actually held up fairly well. I had to use liquid glue on the tips of the eaves after 7 days of carrying it around in my bag in rainy – humid weather. So I’d say that glue dots are a better overall adhesive than I expected. With the humidity on the coast here, quite a few items have trouble staying adhered.

Speaking of Adhesives, I had a cool find! In my door prize at the Crop Sat Nite, I received a Tombo Diamond Dots dispenser. I am impressed with how well it performs. Now if I can only find a low cost source for more. It goes on slick and holds very nice and is strong. Too Cool!

More to come from my wonderful weekend….

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