One of these bears is not like the other…

One of these bears is going to Seattle Stampin’ Up! regionals with me on sat. Can you guess which one?

seattle-reg-swap-2                             seattle-reg-swap-1

I am going to my very first regionals and am making cards to swap. One of these guys is going with me as my swap. And to celebrate I am going to give away a special blog candy (another first) to one of my readers. Leave a comment below and tell me which one you think will be in Seattle and why you think his is the best card choice. When I get home on Sat night I will do a random draw from all those comments that select the correct card. Leave a comment…

20 responses to “One of these bears is not like the other…”

  1. Hi! Just found your blog =) Good luck with your first regionals!! I like the first one but I don’t really see a difference other than the first one is smaller lol. I like it better because it’s more focused on the bear. I love the string detail on it! Keep up the good work and most importantly have fun on Saturday!

  2. Wow! It’s great to hear that you are going to your very firat regionals. You will have so much fun I am sure. Can’t wait for all of the updates once you return form regionals. I think the card that’s going is on the very top. From where I sit, the coloring is darker and brighter in the top picture of the card. I also like things centered so because Mr. Bear is centered in the top picture as it is a narrower version, I choose the top one. I’m no good at this really as It appears there is one card with just different scans of it. Again, enjoy the regionals and thanks for the chance to win your blog candy. So generous and kind of you.


  3. I haven’t been to a regional yet so you’re ahead of me but I am registered for convention and am so excited! I like the top one because there is too much “blank” space on the bottom one. If you wanted to put something in that blank space, I think that would be a fabulous swap as well! Love the background at the top!

  4. I am in favor of the first card. I think the layout works better. In the 2nd layout with so much empty space to the side of the bear–it looks like something is missing. I want more on that card. Wishing you a very fun time at regionals!

  5. I personally like the first one. It is brighter and centered. Both both are nicely done and will go well with which ever you choose. The details with the cords are great lots of patience.

    You will love regional. Smaller groups lots of networking and plenty of ideas, Bring your camera. Enjoy!

  6. Hi,
    I’m guessing you are taking the upright card, but I like the horizontal card best. Have fun at regionals. Maybe I’ll see you there!

  7. Both of these are great! My favorite is the second one, so I’ll vote for that one. Wish I was going to regionals in Washington. Would love to swap with you.
    Julie 🙂

  8. I like #2, because it is more pleasing to the eye to have the additional space to the right of the focal point. It also allows sufficient spacing for an additional sentiment.

    Btenda Cook

  9. I hope that it is the first one. The bear is the focal point, if the sentiment was too the side in the second card, it would appear more balanced instead of just floating. Have fun at Regionals.

  10. I would defiantely go with the top one as the bottom has too much blank space…love the backdrop…how did you achieve this look! GRR! watch out regionals there is a bear on the loose…HAVE FUN!

  11. I like the one that has the baja breeze background to accent it. I noticed that the first one you sent out was cool – but lacked something -the baja breeze was perfect!

  12. Ohhh I like the second one best… he has a blustry day background… although i do like the blue behind the first one! Enjoy going to regionals in Washington… wish I was going with you! SO I vote the second one! =) Rose

  13. I like the first card better..less empty space. What a fun swap card. You are going to have such a great time at regionals. Please be sure to share some of your favorite swaps with us.

  14. Congratulations on going to Regionals! Have a great time. I personally like the first one better. Good Luck choosing, they are both great.

  15. The first card with Mr. Bear is more centered on the card and he the focal point. In the second card there is too much blank space and Mr. Bear is floundering for his own focal point. Enjoy the regionals. I am not a demo (just a strong SU fan!) but often wish I could go to one just for all the fun, the ideas, etc.

  16. I think the second will be your choice. The background is fuller and the horizontal version is the best direction for this great bear.
    Hope you have fun!

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