Welcome to Stamp-a-blogs new home

Oh wow, my first post in my newly decorated blog! I am so grateful for the fantastic work Michelle Laycock has done on my blog look. She is the creative lady who made my banner , buttons, siggy , background, a new watemark and even install my new goodies. Plus she put up with my finickyness and even gave my ideas and jumping off spots for learning more about how to get exactly what I want.

Thank you so much, Michelle! you’re the greatest!

I also want to express my gratitude to a lovely lady and great artist, Mary Hanson Roberts.  For many years, we have been collecting fantay critters, you know, unicorns, pegasus and dragons. Our walls and shelves are adorned with many dragons and other fantasy critters made of crystal, pewter, ceramic, stuffed and of course fantastic framed art. When I wanted to show Michelle what I wanted for my banner, my first thought was Mary’s dragons, Especially “Target Practice” so I sent a photo of Target paractice to Michelle who said she could use him if Mary agreed. (Big grin) I called up Mary and within minutes had her approval. Wow! 

So thanks to these fantastic Artists, I have the blog look of my dreams. Now to fill it with my samples of fun cool things made with SU rubber Stamps. (and an ocassional other- can’t pass up a really cool fantasy stamp)

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