Butterflies are Beautiful

20090605- Flight of the Butterflysm
Happiness is a butterfly in flight!

After a demo of how to make the large butterflies on the Butterfly die I was left with 2 butterflies in my pile of pre-cut dies. ( You know- the stash where you put all your extra cut out that you know you will use but don’t have a project for yet.) So I decided to play around. I curved the wings with my bone folder, by starting in the center and with the wing between my thumb and the bone folder gently pulled – kinda like when you rub curling ribbon. Then I adhered the 2 butterflies together at the center. Now came the fun part. I took a piece of black hemp twine twice the length of the body and antenna; folded it in half and liberally coated the majority of it with tombo mono and twisted the base (from the fold to the top of the body area) using my fingers to keep the twist tight until the glue dried. the twine is pliable enough to curve into curly shapes. I used a small amount of mono to hold the twine to the center of the butterflies and again to glue the newly completed butterfly to the front of my card. I then added the text from flight of the butterflies. Such a fun sentiment!

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