Are you a Packrat, hoarder or just a collector of everything?

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Well, I am and this is a good time of year to start that 12 /10/whatever Step Plan to a live free of all that stuff you don’t need, won’t use and are afraid to part with.

Step One in this Plan is to admit that you are a packrat or hoarder or collector  (for the politically correct)

Step Two is to pick one item type or area of your home to review first. As a crafter, a lot of my stuff is craft and hobby related. So I thought I would start in papercrafting ‘collections’.

If you are anything like me you have loads of cards from Christmases, birthdays, etc.that are just sitting in a box collecting dust. I once had this grand idea that I would create a scrapbook of all my cards (the ones I received). Ha! That lasted one year and then the new cards ended up on a shelf, then in a box. Then as I was cleaning up for holiday company, I found a few years worth of Christmas cards and remembered a comment by a customer last week. She said, “ Do you remember when making gift tags from old Christmas cards was all the rage?” Ah ha! I thought. My craft room is semi clean. I haven’t made nearly enough gift tags for this Christmas. So I grabbed several of my punches off the rack on the wall and with scissors and paper cutterIMG_5109 proceeded to cut up all the Christmas cards I had just found. And with a few stamps ( Winter Post Stamp set has the nicest To:/ From: stamp) and cardstock scraps 3 hours later I had created all the tags I would need for this year and one of my Christmas card stacks was gone. Here are some of the goodies I made.


Step Three is to get rid of anything you are not going to use in a reasonable time. Remember my cards above, I got rid of all those I had found but I had now created something else to potentially store. As a SU Demo and papercrafter I am always wanting to create new cards and tags so after my Christmas gifts are wrapped, I will need to dispose of the leftover tags to make room for the new ones I will make next year (regardless of how many I have on hand) – Trust me – somewhere buried in all the boxes in my house and garage I have leftover Christmas tags from several years past. So to prevent this form continuing, this year I will package the leftover tags into gift sets and give them away to some lucky friends.

Stay tuned for more of my packrat step plan in the following months….

'Til next time...Happy Stamping!

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