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clip_image002clip_image004Creating a greeting card in My Digital Studio can be as simple as opening a card template, customizing it and then sending it to the professional printer. In a few days your card will arrive with an envelope ready for you to use. I will take you thru those steps first. Then we will explore creating a card from scratch and printing it on your home printer. Next month I will continue with creating elements to use on/in cards you have already created by hand.

Let’s create a simple birthday card, I opened My Digital Studio, and selected Cards>>Greeting Card>>then 7”X5”Landscape . On the next screen select Designer

clip_image006clip_image008Then I highlighted each template using the arrow keys until I got to the one I wanted- Happy Birthday 7×5 card 1, select next and the screen on the right appears. This is the most confusing screen at first glance. They are showing that only the front has been predesigned. If you want a similar page on the inside you can add more pages here and remove the elements you don’t want as you tweak.I am going to add two more pages. Then select next.

clip_image010And this screen will appear.

clip_image012My card isn’t going to have photos, but you need to get past this screen , so leave the default selected and click the next button and you will see:

Here is where you must name your card and then select finish.

Your card will now look like this:


I have 3 pages because when I send a card to the professional printer ; I can design the front, the back of the front and the inside opposite the front. The back is where the copyright info goes and is predesigned. So I have the front already designed for me and I am going to remove elements and add elements to make the inside coordinate with my front but be unique. So lets start by removing the happy birthday and the flower and the brad. Now my inside top and bottom look like this:


I added 2 stamps from Party Hearty in Daffodil Delight and the “Make A Wish” label from the B’day embellishments to the boo tom page of the card inside and now when the card is opened it looks like this


clip_image022Once you have these 3 pages finished, you are ready to submit the print order. Open up the Share project tab on the bottom right. The screen on the right will appear. Note that you have 5 create from home options and one professional printing option. We are going to select the Professional Print- card option. The following pop-up window will appear:

The Card wizard will walk you thru ordering your card and you will receive your card and a matching envelope in approx. a week in your mail.

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