More Convention Swap cards

Today it is my pleasure to share some more delightful cards swaps from convention. For the first several days I will be sharing those cards that used a unique stamp set. That is each of these cards uses one or more stamp sets that were not used in any of the other swaps I received. Towards the end you will get to see many ways different demos have used the same stamp set. To see you created the swap and what stamp set they used hover your mouse over the photo.

   IMG_8244   Created by Berta Kern using Zoo Babies & Remembering your Birthday

   IMG_8240  IMG_8243

     IMG_8250    IMG_8251

   IMG_8252    IMG_8253

   IMG_8254      IMG_8256

   IMG_8259     IMG_8260


This final card is one that I found both stunning and elegant yet when I examined it closely it made so simply  it is art. Kudos to the created who put her email but not her name on the back of the swap. So khWhitworth, fantastic card!!

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