Are you Ready for more inspiration….

Are you a designer or a caser or an adapter? Most of us are a little bit of each. A designer takes a bunch of product and creates something totally new. A caser will Copy And Share Everything of a design she has seen, or in other words duplicates a cool concept. An adapter will see a cool card or layout and say this is cool but if I change this and tweak that it will be even better or just more me. Here are some more convention swaps to inspire you to do what YOU do best!

          IMG_8232          IMG_8231

           IMG_8233           IMG_8235

          IMG_8236            IMG_8239

          IMG_8242              IMG_8245

          IMG_8246             IMG_8248

         IMG_8249           IMG_8257

        IMG_8262           IMG_8263  

      IMG_8330        IMG_8335

     IMG_8336            IMG_8337

IMG_8338   IMG_8281

 IMG_8261    IMG_8247

Starting tomorrow, I will be showcasing the cards where multiple demonstrators choose the same stamp sets. Which one is the most popular ? Can you guess?

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