Digital Scrapbook layout using Masking – Scrapping Saturday #3:

Create a Custom Diamond Pattern in a Digital Scrapbook Layout

It’s that time again when I get to show off my latest Digital Scrapbook layout. Today’s page is a comparison page showing my daughter Jennifer and myself. I normally hate pictures of myself but this one is both accurate and fairly flattering.
Learning Digital scrapbook techniques with Jessica Sprague is so much fun. I love doing her Photoshop Friday lessons. This page was created for a lesson on creating a custom pattern. In this case it was the Diamond pattern.

Masking with Digital Scrapbook is so much easier than with paper. I learned many cool things in this lesson.Rasterizing or flattening text, brushes and shapes all is critical  to make them editable. Only editable content can be made into a mask.

Did you know that you can not have a clipping mask within a clipping mask? My linear brain wanted to clip the green printed paper to the diamond pattern and then clip the diamond pattern to the beige paper. But Photoshop will not allow this.  I had to cut away the diamond pattern that extended beyond the beige paper – easy enough to do just not intuitive to me.

Hope you are enjoying seeing my forays into Digital Scrapbooking.

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