Scrapbook Saturday #4: Happy Birthday, Mother

Happy Birthday Mother

My mom celebrated her 90th birthday in Jan 2017 and all her family gathered to help her. She loves birthday parties. So the family gave her a party to remember. Just look at her as she looked at her cake and all the family surrounding her. I used this page as a way to remind my mother of all the folks who wish her well.

The circles around the cake in the focal picture and in the inset photo emphasis the importance of cake to Mom at birthday parties.

Mother was always responsible for giving us birthdays to remember. This year all her children and grandchildren and Great Grandchildren gave her a birthday to remember.

Happy Birthday Mother ! Your album is coming!

Note: the purpose of my Scrapbook Saturday posts is to provide an online gallery showing all I am learning and creating in my Digital Scrapbook journey. These posts as a result will be short.

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