Scrapbook Sat. #5…Oh, My Lularoe!

my lularoe adventure

I hate to have my picture taken. But at Jennifer’s Lularoe Party I had Jen take some pictures so I could see a realistic view of what I looked like in some of the outfits. I discovered that I love the Lularoe leggings. But many of the styles of the tops just didn’t fit my body shape well.

When I received the prompts for this page in a class, it was hard. Finding photos of me alone was next to impossible. This photo of me in what would soon be MY new Classic T top is one of only 3 in the past year and a half. I am usually behind the camera or an accessory for pics of the grandkids.

I loved the lesson despite the difficulty finding the photo. It was different using all the circles and cutting out patterned paper to fit in some of them.

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