Scrapbook Sat#6- Using Quick Pages

Quick Pages -1

One of the first ways to learn to Scrapbook digitally is by using Quick Pages. Quick Pages are digital scrapbook pages that are all complete except for the Photos and Journaling. Here are two examples of Quick Pages from Jessica Sprague’s classroom.

Quick Page Layout One

My first Scrapbook page uses a list style. In this Quick Page I stated with an empty Title label, 4 numbered journal spots, 4 empty photos spots and one Date label. Despite trying very hard to keep within the parameters present in this layout, I still needed some extra journaling strips for additional journalling. I like to give the details that go along with any pictures and help tell the story. It is important to me to have all the what, when , where and whys spelled out.  Matching my extra journaling with the style of the quick page. So while this style is out of my comfort zone a bit , I think I made it work for me.


Quick Pages Layout Two

This second Quick Pages is more my style. The title was provided and I simply had to find a photo and story that fit the feel of page and matched the title and the sticker label. I added the date, the photo and the journaling to tell the story.

As you can see using Quick Pages can make your Scrapbooking faster. But challenges you to present your story in different ways. Quick Pages as a tool for speed or diversity is good. However, I will not be using a Quick Page very often. Often for me creativity flows when I can build more of the elements myself.

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