Sat Scraps-7: How many photos tell the story?

photos - 1

How many photos do you use to tell your story? So many designers use only one photo in their layout.  While it is easier to get a pretty layout with just one photo, what about all the other pictures? Sometimes one photo is all you need or all you have. But more often than not your story will be richer and fuller if you include multiples.

One Photo…

In the first layout I used one photo because this layout will be part of a book and this one photo is evocative of one entire event in the overall story.  This page tells the story of my grandkids having fun with their cousins at a park. You can see from the photo that Caitlin and Nickolas are enjoying themselves. The title sets the mood of the layout and the journaling fills in the details of who, what , when , where and why.

Six Photos…

6 photosIn this Layout, we see a progression of Mom being presented with her cake. I was lucky enough to have photos of her actually blowing out the candles. Seeing her expression as she looked at the cake and blew out the candles refreshing a fun memory. I also included 2 photos of other moments right before and right after the cake presentation to show where her focus was during the party.

I could have told the story with fewer pictures but uses all 6 made the story just a little more complete. When you are telling your stories consider how many photos you have and how many you need to tell the complete story.

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