Sat Scraps #8-Williams Great-grandkids at play

Williams Great-grandkids

When the Great-grandkids gather it is fun, noisy, exciting and sometimes a bit confusing. You often spend your time with your head in swivel mode. Little kids are always in motion. With 2 sets of Great-grandchildren at the party, Mom’s attention flipped one way and then the other.

In order to capture the moments, I created two pages. Each page uses 3 photos. One page shows the Williams kids. And the other pages shows the Blomquist kiddos. Mom, the honoree, shows up on each page with her attention riveted by one set of great-grandkids.

Layout #1- Williams Great-grandkids

This first page focuses on Mom. But John and Annette watch over their son and his children. Mom sat in the center of the table between her two children. Next to each of her kids were their children and grandchildren. Annette bounced around taking photos and supervising.

Great-grandkids and more

Layout #2 – Blomquist Great grandchildren

In this second page Caitlin colors with Erin, her Mom’s cousin. In the photo on the right, Mom and Kathy watch Nicholas color. For the center of this layout I used a staged photo of the whole family. Adding the yellow ribbon and the yellow arrow draws the attention into the areas of interest. This is a layout design I really enjoy.

Both of these Layouts used templates by Jessica Sprague. I find that using templates is very helpful when it comes to doing several coordinating layouts. Sometimes I design a layout from scratch and then use it as template for more pages. But it is really nice when I can find templates I like that use that have the correct number of photos already built in. Do you use template? If so, do you buy them or create them yourself? Do you scrap with paper or digitally? I like to do both at times. My daughter is a paper only scrapper. Tell me your preference in the comments.


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