Sat Scraps#9-Celebrating 90 years…

Celebrating 90

Once again we are celebrating 90 and my Mother’s birthday. It is another page in a photo book about her 90th birthday. Don’t you just love the look of the polaroid in this layout. Cell phone pictures turn into awesome retro images in a digital layout.

Celebrating 90 with template magic

Another Photoshop Friday yields a template full fun and versatility. The 3 date strips  make a fun way to date the layout. I loved the look of the 3 pointing hands that add emphasis and create a visual triangle. This template makes it so easy to show all the family that gathered together.

Unless you are a genius who creates gorgeous pages totally from the ether — remember to try templates from time to time. They save time and give to inspiration and jumping off points. This template was from Jessica Sprague.

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