Sat Scraps#11-When location is key- map it!


Location is critical to telling the story sometimes. When It is using a map as a background image gives added emphasis to the location. Here we have a layout featuring the new Williams home. When the place is key a map is a perfect background.

Location is key when you move to a new home

In this Photoshop Friday layout the photos of the great grandkids first visit together at GG’s new home were made more powerful by the use of the map to show where they were taken.

I really enjoyed the use of the strips along the bottom to date the event. Further the use of the arrows draws the eye to what I want most to emphasis. This type of a layout goes together quickly and keeps the focus on the new home and the children at play. (Especially MY grandchildren- who are the best. 🙂 This template was from Jessica Sprague.

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