Organ Stop Pizza is a Favorite in Sat Scraps#12

Organ stop pizza

Organ Stop Pizza is a favorite for most of our family. But the reason differs for every one. All of us like the music. The kids love the animation. This local pizza joint features a huge organ. And the organists that play during the entire time are all fantastic.

Organ Stop Pizza loses its luster for some

For folks from the mid-west who grew up in the 40’s, the ambiance of the pizza spot is full of nostalgia. Most of that generation have failing hearing by now and so the loud organ music  doesn’t sound quite so loud. For the young kids the loud music is normal and even fun. But for those of us in our 50’s and 60’s… well it sometimes hurts. From a nostalgia view point I still love it but my ears can only take so much of the volume and my knees can’t handle the stairs that would get me close enough to see and hear but far enough away to not be blasted out.

For this lesson i used a variety of fonts to generate emphasis to the key points I was illustrating with this layout.  This template was from Jessica Sprague.

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