Magical Open-Reveal Box Filled with Goodness

Magical Open-Reveal Box

My Magical Open-Reveal Box morphed from an Open-Reveal Box filled with candy on a Facebook post by Vicky Thompson. In order to create the box I started with a 9⅜” by 12″ piece of Groovy Guava cardstock. (Sigh… my last piece…)

Magical Open-Reveal Box Assembly

First you score on the long side at 3⅞”, 4½”, 9½”, and 10⅛”. Next turn the cardstock and score on the short side at ⅜”, 1″, 1⅜”, 2″ 7⅜”, 8″, 8⅜” and 9″. At this point your cardstock will look like the figure below.Magical Open Reveal box 2

Looking at the diagram- cut on the solid lines and score on the dashed lines.  Remove the pink shaded areas. Burnish all the score lines and fold the sides in to the centers. Now adhere together with strong adhesive. Next fold up the bottom flap and secure with a strong adhesive.

Inner Slider Assembly

First cut out a coordinating piece of cardstock to 6½” by 8⅛”. Then score on the long side at 1½”, 2″, 6½”, and 7″. And then score the short side at ½”, 1″, 5½”, and 6″. As before cut away the pink shaded areas by cutting on the solid lines as shown below.

Burnish the score lines and fold up the bottom to create a pocket. Tuck the slider panel into to box and adhere the top of the slider at the top of the inside of the top flap.

Finally decorate your box as desired. I watercolored a scene from the Fairy Celebration stamp set. Since I was using the new Watercolor Pencils this front went together quickly. As a final step I attached a small velcro dot to the underside of the flap so the inside looks like this. As you can see I put cards rather than candies in my reveal box inside

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