Grandma Played Hooky instead of crafting for you

grandma played

As you can see -there is no box to show today. For the last 9 days Grandma played and crafted with my 2 Grandkids. While Caitlin and Nicholas played here, Mom and Dad enjoyed the Stampin Up Incentive trip to Thailand. We started our week of Crafting fun with planting mini gardens for the kids next to grandma’s garden. The kids both painted their planters before planting green peppers, basil and green beans.grandma played garden

Yesterday a deer ate my strawberries even before the berries came in. ugh!  By the 15th my strawberry plant grew to double in size but now it stripped.

Grandma played with Gelli plates

On Monday morning, everyone chose paints and created prints. We placed paint on the gelli plates, added a stencil and then covered with cardstock and lifted the paint off. It was a fun technique.

Next we made backgrounds with bleeding tissue paper. In the afternoons on 4 of the days the kiddos had fun at Gymnastic camp. But even there they had fun crafting.Needless to say with crafting with the kids daily and other activities like swimming, visiting and riding a horse and even visit a few parks, my days were full.  I enjoyed this time with my grandchildren. By the end of each day all of us were exhausted.

During the afternoons while they were at Gymnastics camp I played with the new Carols of Christmas Stamp & die set. I look forward to making more cards with this cool suite. This coming week adult crafting is the name of the game. Join me on Thursday for a Fun and Crafty Blog hop. I will be showcasing this cool stamp set.

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