Dispenser Joy – Baby Treat Boxes Keep the Love Coming

Dispenser Joy -1

Sam Moore designed this Dispenser Joy to hold pop corn. But I think you can use it to hold almost any small prizes. Since I don’t own the Ready to Pop stamp set my decor focuses on affirming sentiments. Although the little boxes in the dispenser only measure 1¼” square they hold a lot of happiness. When I started creating this set my theme was non traditional Christmas. So I pulled out a piece of Berry Burst Cardstock for my Dispenser.

Dispenser Joy Directions

  1. Cut cardstock to 7½” x 9¾”.
  2. Score on short side at 1½”, 3″, 4½”, and 6″. Turn cardstock.
  3. Score on long side at 1½” and 8¼”.
  4. On long side at 6¾” score down to the second score line. Flip over the cardstock and make a tick mark at the 6¾” point. At this point your Cardstock will look as shown in diagram below.dispenser diagram
  5. Cut out the gray area by cutting on the score lines as shown.
  6. From the piece you have removed cut a piece 2½” long by just shy of 1½” wide. Now score this at 1½” and 1⅝” on long edge. (note: 1½” score should already be there)
  7. At this point use a 1″ circle punch and punch half circles.
  8. Dispenser Joy -2Use the tick mark as a guide for lining up the edge of the circle punch. Then fold over on the long score line where you cut out the square and using the cut edge punch as shown.
  9. Dispenser Joy -4Now cut up each score line on both short sides of the box to the first score line in and your pieces will look like this.
  10. Next trim the final corner away in the upper right and fold and glue the dispenser cylinder together.
  11. Finally decorate as desired. I used the Tabs for Everything stamp set and the ½” circle punch. Because I am thinking of gifting this to s dear friend I put the For you in the top.Dispenser Joy top Check back later this week for the directions for the mini boxes inside.

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