Crates Galore decorate tables and cards


On Aug 1st at stamp club we played with the Wood Crate die. We made 2 dimensional crates with the die and a card. When you read Thursday’s post you will find all the details on the cards. This post will focus on the ‘boxes’ we made.

Crates create a Red wagon crates 1

A  little red wagon leads the lineup. This project starts with a single red crate. First make a red crate by glueing 2 die cut crate pieces together.  Then make 4 wheels. Each wheel consists of one black 1″ circle and one silver ½” circle. Therefore to assemble your wagon you need 4 of each size. After glueing a silver circle to each black circle apply adhesive to the top half of each silver and attach to the crate.

Another important element of your wagon is the handle or tongue. In order to make your handle cut a piece of silver cardstock 1½” x 2″. Next score on the long side at ½”. Then score on the short side at ⅝” and ⅞”. crate tongue 1Now cut on the score lines to where they intersect until your tongue looks like shown.crate tongue 2Add adhesive to the back of 1″ by ½” section. Thread the skinny bit thru the hole on one end of the crate and attach below the hole on the inside of the crate. Next cut a piece of black cardstock to ½” by ½”. Then score it at ¼” and burnish well. Apply glue to the inside and wraparound the end of the handle centering it. Finally add some gooding to your wagon. I put some goldfish in a cello bag and wrapped it with a denim strip ribbon.

Crates as Wheelbarrowcrates as wheelbarrow 1

Our second project turns crates into wheelbarrows. In order to make this Wheelbarrow I used the Wood Textures Designer series paper. First I made the basic crate using 2 crate die cuts. Next I made 2 handles by cutting 2 pieces of the same paper 6″ by 1¼”. Starting on the long side, score at ¼” and 5¾”. Then turn the paper and score at ¼”,½”,¾”, and 1″. Now burnish all the score lines and cut up the score lines to the ¼” marks. Wrap the long edges around until it squares up and creates at long stick. Now glue the long edges. Finally fold in the flaps at each and glue in place.

Now I made a stabilizer leg that I placed in the center end opposite the wheel. In order to make the stabilizer I cut a 1½” by 2½”piece of designer paper. Then on the long side, I scored it at ½”, 1″,1½” and 2″. Next on the short side score at ½” and 1″. Fold, cut and glue together as you did the handles.

Next glue ten Black 1″ circles together to create the tire. Glue one ½” silver on either side as hubcaps. Add a small dimensional to the center of each hubcap and use to attach the handles to the wheel. Finally flip over your crate and glue the handles and stabilizer to the crate itself.

These projects were fun to do and the card that went along has a pop up crate inside.


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