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Holiday Stockings pillowbox

Holiday Stockings make decorating at Christmas time so much fun. With the new Trim Your Stockings thinlits Dies in the 2017 Holiday Catalog the possibilities are endless. In my last post on Sept 4th, I showed how to make a large box with this die set. However, you can use this die set in many other ways. In my first example, I have a pillow box in a stocking shape.

In order to this pillow box, I created to stocking facing in opposite directions. I glued them together with a hinge in the right and left sides to give the opening more flex. First I cut 2 strips of cardstock ½” wide and scored it down the center. Next I folded the strips and glued them to the sides from the heel to the top of the ‘back’ and from the ankle bend to the top of the ‘front’. Then I trimmed off the excess at the top edges. I adhered the stocking directly to one another around the foot. I attached a ribbon loop thru a hole I punched in one of the fold over tabs at the top. And viola! a pillow box in the shape of a stocking that hangs. Especially nice when filed with jewelry or chocolate.

Holiday Stockings form a cardholiday Stockings 2

Using some scraps of designer paper and some of the bits and bobs dies in this set I created a quick fun card. Then on the inside I used this fun sentiment from Sugarplum Dreams stamp set. Holiday stockings 3

Holiday stockings hold gift cards too

On my continuing journey to find new ways to use this die set, I used it to make a gift card holder.Holiday Stockings 4In order to make the gift card stay hidden but not be too hard to get out I altered to pillow box die. First take a gift card and cut across the bottom of the pillow box die cut so you have a straight bottom ¼” beyond the gift card. Score at ¼” to create a tab. Now adhere the pillow box die cut to the back of your stocking. Then cover the back with another stocking and decorate to finish.

Winter Pillow box

Finally I created a simple Winter pillow box with the die included in this set.Holiday Stockings pillowbox

This is a fun die set with a multitude of options to create. What will you make with it?

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