Lego Santa Village visits Bellingham

Lego Santa Village 2017

How do you decorate for Christmas? A few years ago we started a Lego Santa village display. Prior to that we decorated with a Christmas tree and a Nativity, stockings on the mantel and a Christmas card display. Because of 3 birthdays and Christmas spent with our grandkids, we spend very little time in our own home. As a result we have not put up a tree for 4 years now.  We help the kids decorate their tree and spend part of every week in December at their house.

Start a new Tradition

As a family, we all enjoy building with Legos. We are building a Lego Santa Village in our home every Christmas. Every year we add on a new lego Christmas set. This year our display grew to fill the table in front of our living room window. Each year we take it down and then reassemble the pieces the next year. This year it  was a 3 day project for Blair and I. Next year we will have the grandkids come help us as we add yet another set.

Lego Santa Village close up

Let me take around our village. First stop is Santa’s Workshop. santas Village.

Next stop we see the elves manufacturing toys as Santa preps for his all night ride.

Behind Santa you can see the train as it goes thru the station.train staition

We had fun making the bus this year which was pulled up to the ticket counter.

Then to the left we have a snow globe and gingerbread house.

And in the front left of the village — the villagers are having break in the park.

For a final view of  station, I want to show you the back or inside of the train station. inside the stationJust look at all the detail Lego put into the design. I can’t wait to see what they come with for 2018’s add on. We will be adding the motor to the train and a larger table so all the tracks will fit and the train will run around and not be stationary.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into another of my non-card making passions.

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